How would I contact you for a project I need voiced?

Actually it’s pretty easy.  Just go to the Contact page where you will find both my email and studio phone number.

What can I expect working with you?

I’m very professional and easy to chat with.  Let me know what kind of project you have.  The specs.  Your budget.  And most importantly, your time frame.  I’m great about turning audio around very quickly, and will let you know in advance, if there are projects in the queue ahead of you.

What’s your recording studio like?

Actually, it’s a pretty tricked out place…custom designed to meet my needs in turning around premium audio quickly and consistently for my clients.  The studio has Source Connect (it’s “certified”), ISDN, phone patch and Skype capabilities to meet the varying professional needs of clients.  High quality audio can easily be sent in any format via FTP or WeTransfer.

What kind of microphone does you use?

Ooh, you’re getting personal!  I actually have two to choose from…a Sennheiser MKH 416 and a Sterling ST59.

How do you bill me?

That’s also easy.  I can send you an invoice via email or through PayPal.  You and I would determine the budget/rate for your voice over project in advance of your job, along with any fixes or pick-ups that might be needed before I start recording.   Depending on the size of the project and time that would be involved, there may be a deposit involved, but I promise…it would be easy to do.

How do I pay you for the amazing work you did for me?

It’s super easy.  (See a theme here?)  You can pay by check or credit card via PayPal.